The Age-Fighting Tools I Can’t Live Without

I am a tired, 41 year old mom of two young kids, wife of one great guy, and family physician. Since about a year after my second baby I have become a little obsessed with looking my age. That’s all, I just want to look my age. I don’t want to look the age I feel most days, which I estimate to be between 71 and 83.

I’ve tried A LOT of lotions and potions with varying results. I’ve even gotten a little braver than that and used needles to help in my war on aging. I seem to have a thing for needles. I have tattoos, I’ve used Botox and I’ve had the veins of my legs injected. I think what I’m trying to do here is convince you of my commitment to beauty, skincare, and, well, vanity. Am I committed or what? Most recently I’ve become especially interested in microneedling. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m in the research phase and see myself trying it in the very near future…stay tuned.

Fighting aging can feel like a battle you’ll never win, because the truth is that no matter what we do with our faces, or the dimples in our butts, or the veins in our legs, or the sagging of our necks, the year on our birth certificate continues to get further and further away. It is a battle we’re not going to win. But what if we aim to just put our best selves out there every day, to glow in a way that reflects our years of wisdom and experience, to reduce the signs of aging enough to not distract from the other things we have to offer? I don’t want to look like a dewey 6 year old, but I could stand to look like a fresh, well-rested, confident 41 year old. That’s all I’m looking for, people.

I kind of came upon my age-fighting obsession accidentally. After my second baby I knew I wasn’t looking as fresh as I used to. I could see the lines on my face deepening and the fatigue showing. But I was a new mom who worked, what else could I expect? Another family doctor I was working with at the time was practicing her newly acquired skill of injecting Botox. She was excited to try it on anyone who was willing. Once I weaned my youngest, I agreed to become one of her practice subjects. Apparently, I had the perfect forehead for it. Lots of strong horizontal lines from years of expression.


A fine example of what my expression must have been for the first 35 years of my life to have developed the very deep lines on my forehead

My colleague injected me after a busy clinic one day. The results weren’t immediately apparent and I was underwhelmed, until 2 weeks later when, suddenly, I looked more relaxed than I had in years. And I swear, I felt more relaxed. I was hooked. And have continued to maintain these results.

The problem is that, despite how effective Botox can be for expression lines, there are lots of things it doesn’t address. I was developing dark spots and redness that I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of. My face felt droopy and I had dark circles under my eyes that Botox was definitely not helping. I had more and more fine lines around my eyes. I know! What a mess!

I started to indulge in expensive creams. The results were not quite worth the price and I headed back to my simple drug store brand face wash, moisturizer and sunblock. I relied on make-up to cover up my insecurities. I could live with this…until I found my latest anti-aging tool. Nerium.

A colleague that I had worked with many years ago brought it to my attention. But I found out it was a multi-level marketing company, so I immediately became defensive and walked away…without even trying it. What a strange reaction! Fortunately, I couldn’t just let it go. I couldn’t ignore the customer before and after pictures. I mean the pictures were from actual customers…not models or carefully chosen specimens. Customers, in their bathrooms, taking selfies with their toilets in the background, excitedly uploading pictures to the internet to show off their results. I tried to ignore them for a long few months. I just couldn’t anymore.

So, after months of fighting the urge I caved, and bought a Brand Partner starter kit. Yes, I signed up to sell. I wanted the discount on product and knew I could earn my product if I sold a little bit. So, within a couple of weeks I had sold enough to earn some of my product and I haven’t looked back.

The question still remains…does it really work? I was using just about all of the products in my kit. I still wasn’t sure it was working so I took an after picture 27 days into my journey. It was clear that there were already differences. Here’s the evidence.


Outside of the more invasive treatments that I sometimes indulge in *ahem* this is the first time I have invested in skincare products that truly work and are actually worth it. It may be that I’m able to earn product, that there is no pressure to sell or buy, or that this came along when I really needed something new in my life. It could be a lot of things or a perfect combination of things.

I am so excited to be working on my 90 day results and to be getting others started on theirs. Who knew that a tired old doc could get so excited about selling stuff?

I get that not everyone is willing to stick needles in their faces for the sake of beauty, but most of us have applied, are thinking of applying or are applying creams with the hopes of a healtier more youthful appearance. What crazy things have you tried on your face? Is your current skincare routine working for you?